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2010-2011 Academic Catalog 
2010-2011 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Mortuary Science (A.A.S.)

Program Advisor: Lisa Meehan, 356-3631 (ldmeehan@actx.edu) or contact Cherie Clifton, 354-6007 (caclifton@actx.edu)

Associate in Applied Science
Major Code - MRTS.AAS

CAUTION: Students applying for admission to the Amarillo College Mortuary Science program should contact their respective state boards of funeral services regarding that state board’s approval of this particular program of instruction.

Aims and purposes: The primary aim of the Mortuary Science program at Amarillo College is the recognition of the importance of funeral service personnel (1) as members of a human service profession, (2) as members of the community in which they serve, (3) as participants in the relationship between the bereaved families and those engaged in the funeral service profession, (4) compliance with federal, state and local regulations and (5) as professionals sensitive to the responsibility for public health, safety and welfare in caring for human remains.

The Amarillo College Mortuary Science Program is committed to:

• Providing prospective funeral service practitioners with the theoretical skills which are currently demanded for success in the industry;
• Educating students concerning the responsibilities of the funeral service profession to the community at large;
• Emphasizing high standards of ethical conduct;
• Providing a curriculum for advancement of funeral service education;
• Encouraging student and faculty research in the funeral service industry; and
• Providing an opportunity for practitioners to take continuing education courses, which are required for licensure renewal.

To continue in the program, a student may repeat a MRTS course only one time and may repeat no more than two MRTS courses while enrolled in the program. The term “repeat” shall be interpreted to mean re-enrollment following withdrawal, drop or unsatisfactory grade.

A student seeking entry into the Mortuary Science program must file a specific program application form and complete additional admission procedures as required. Information is available on the Mortuary Science website.

Program Requirements