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2007-2008 Academic Catalog 
2007-2008 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Approved Majors

Admission will be on a conditional basis until the following items are on file in the Registrar’s Office:

  • Application of Admission
  • Official Transcript
    If a first-time student, an official transcript of the student’s record in high school. If student has attended any other college or university, an official transcript from each.

Admission to Health-Related Programs: In addition to the general Amarillo College admission requirements, students desiring to enter any health-occupation major must complete additional application requirements as set forth in the individual program handbooks. These should be consulted prior to making application.

Approved Majors: In response to the question “What is your intended field of study (major/program)?” on the application form, please indicate the major you desire to pursue or the one which most nearly corresponds to your preference at Amarillo College. If you have not selected a major, indicate “General Studies- GENS.AS”.

Approved Majors - Major Code

Advertising and Public Relations (Mass Communication) (AS) - COMM.AS.MCOMM
Aerospace Manufacturing (Aviation Maintenance Technology) - AERM.CERT.AERO
Airframe Mechanic (Aviation) Cert. - AERM.CERT.AM
American Sign Language/Interpreter - SGNL.AA
Art (AS) - ARTS.AS
Art - Graphic Design (AAS) - ARTC.AAS
Art - Graphic Design Cert. - ARTC.CERT.GD
AS/400 Application Development (Computer Information Systems) (AAS) - COSC.AAS.AS400
Autocad Specialist-Drafting-DFTG.CERT.CAD
Automotive Collision Technology - ABDR.CERT.ABRT
Automotive Technology (AAS) - AUMT.AAS
Aviation Maintenance Technology (AAS) - AERM.AAS
Aviation Maintenance Tech. - General Cert. - AERM.CERT.GEN
Biology (AS) - BIOL.AS
Biotechnology (AS) - BIOT.AS
Business Administration (AS) - BUSI.AS
Business Administration (Computer Information Systems) - BUSI.AS.CIS
Business Computer Specialist (Computer Information Systems) (AAS) - COSC.AAS.MICRO
Call Center Management (Management - Business Management) - CERT.BMGT.CERT.CALL
Cathodic Protection Technician (Instrument and Control Technology) - INTC.CERT.CATH
Chassis and Body (Automotive) Cert. - AUMT.CERT.CHSS
Chemistry (AS) - CHEM.AS
Child Development/Early Childhood Adminstrator Cert. - CDEC.CERT.ADMN
Child Development/Early Childhood (AAS) - CDEC.AAS
Child Development/Early Childhood Provider Cert. - CDEC.CERT.PRVD
Child Development/Early Childhood Provider Cert.- CDEC Paraprofessional - CDEC.CERT.PARA
Computer Information Systems Cert. - COSC.CERT
Computer Programming (Computer Information Systems) (AAS) - COSC.AAS.SYSPR
Convenience Store Management (Management - Business Management) Cert. - BMGT.CERT.CSM
Convenience Store Management Short-Term (Management - Business Management) Cert. - BMGT.SHCT.CNVS
Criminal Justice (AS) - CRIJ.AS
Criminal Justice Corrections (AAS) - CJLE.AAS.CORR
Criminal Justice Corrections Cert. - CJLE.CERT.COR
Criminal Justice Law Enforcement (AAS) - CJLE.AAS.LENF
Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Cert. - CJLE.CERT.LE
Dental Hygiene (AAS) - DHYG.AAS
Dentist Aide Cert. - DNTA.CERT
Diesel Mechanics Tech (Basic) Cert. - DEMR.CERT.BMC
Diesel Mechanics Technology (Diesel Technician) Cert. - DEMR.CERT.DT
Drafting (AAS) - DFTG.AAS
Drafting Technician Cert. - DFTG.CERT.DT
Education (Early Childhood - Bilingual, ESL, Special Education, 4th-8th) - EDUC.AAT.EC-8
Education (8th - 12th and all levels) (AAT) - EDUC.AAT.SECO
Education (Early Childhood - 4th - Generalist) (AAT) - EDUC.AAT.GENS
Electromechanical (Industrial Maintenance Technology) Cert. - IMRT.CERT.ELMT
Electronic Instrument/Control Technician (Instrument and Control Technology) Cert. - INTC.CERT.EICT
Electronics Application Specialist (Electronic Systems Technology) Cert. - EECT.CERT.EAS
Electronics Systems Technology (AAS) - CETT.AAS.EST
Electronics Engineering Technology (AAS) - EECT.AAS.EET
Emergency Medical Service Professions (AAS) - EMSP.AAS
Emergency Medical Service Professions Cert. - EMSP.CERT
Engineering (AS) - ENGR.AS.GEN
Engineering Technology (AS) - ENGR.AS.TECH
Engineering Computer Science (AS) - ENGR.AS.COMPSC
English (AA) - ENGL.AA
Environment Chemical Technology (Safety and Environmental) Cert. - EPCT.CERT.CHEM
Firefighter (Basic) Cert. - FIRS.CERT
Fire Protection Technology (AAS) - FIRS.AAS
Forensic Science - FORS.AS
General Electronic Systems Assistant (Electronic Systems Technology) Cert. - CETT.CERT.GEN
General Studies (AS) - GENS.AS
Geology (AS) - GEOL.AS
Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (Industrial Maintenance Technology) Cert. - IMRT.CERT.HART
Hospitality (Travel and Tourism) Short Term Cert. - TRVM.CERT.HOSP
Human Sciences (AS) - HUSC.AS
Human Sciences (Child Development/Early Education) (AS) - HUSC.AS.TECA
Industrial Maintenance Cert. - IMRT.CERT.IMC
Industrial Maintenance Technology (AAS) - IMRT.AAS
Information Management Specialist (Office Administration) (AAS) - OFAD.AAS.IMS
Instrument and Control Technology (AAS) - CETT.AAS
Interior Design (AAS) - INDS.AAS
Interior Design Cert. - INDS.CERT
Interior Design Professional Cert. - INDS.CERT.PRO
Journalism (Mass Communication) (AS) - COMM.AS.MCOMM
Liberal Arts (AS and AA) - LART.AS and LART.AA
Management - Business Management (AAS) - BMGT.AAS
Management - Business Management Cert. - BMGT.CERT
Management Short Term (Management - Business Management) Cert. - BMGT.SHCT.MGMT
Management - Food Sevice Management (AAS) - BMGT.AAS.FSM
Management - Food Sevice Management Cert. - BMGT.CERT.FSM
Management - Food Sevice Supervisor Cert. - BMGT.CERT.FSS
Mass Communication (AS) - COMM.AS.MCOMM
Mathematics (AS) - MATH.AS
Medical Data Specialist Cert. - MDSP.CERT
Medical Laboratory Technology (AAS) - MLAB.AAS
Microcomputer Service Specialist (Electronic Systems Technology) Cert. - CETT.CERT.MICR
Modern Language - LANG.AA
Mortgage Lending (Real Estate) Cert. - RELE.CERT.MOR
Mortuary Science (AAS) - MRTS.AAS
Mortuary Science Cert.- MRTS.CERT
Music (AS) - MUSI.AS
Networking (Electronic Systems Technology) - CETT.AAS.NT
Networking (Electronic Systems Technology) Specialist Cert. - CETT.CERT.NET
Nondestructive Technician (Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation) CERT - NDTE.CERT
Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation - NDTE.AAS
Nuclear Medicine (AAS) - NMTT.AAS.NM
Nursing (Associate Degree) (AAS) - RNSG.AAS
Nursing (Vocational) Cert. - VNSG.CERT
Occupational Therapy Assistant (AAS) - OTHA.AAS
Office Administration/Business Education (AS) - OFAD.AS.BE
Office Administration (AAS) - OFAD.AAS
Office Technology Cert. - OFAD.CERT
Office Administration Professional Cert. - OFAD.CERT.PRO
Paralegal Studies (AAS) - LGLA.AAS
Pharmacy Technology Cert. - PHRA.CERT
Photography (AS and AA) - PHTC.AS and PHTC.AA
Photography (AAS) - PHTC.AAS
Photography Cert. - PHTC.CERT
Physical Education (AS) - PHED.AS
Physical Therapist Assistant (AAS) - PTHA.AAS
Physics (AS) - PHYS.AS
Powerplant Mechanic (Aviation) Cert. - AERM.CERT.PM
Power Train (Automotive) Cert. - AUMT. CERT.PTRN
Process Technology Specialist (Instrument and Control Technology) CERT - INTC.CERT.PT
Pre-Architecture (AS) - ARCH.AS
Pre-Law (AS and AA) - LAW.AS and LAW.AA
Pre-Nursing (AS) - RNSG.AS
Pre-Occupational Therapy (AS) - OTHA.AS
Pre-Pharmacy (AS) - PHRA.AS
Pre-Physical Therapy (AS) - PTHA.AS
Pre-Physician Assistant (AS) - PAST.AS
Psychology (AS) - PSYC.AS
Radiation Therapy (AAS) - RADT.AAS.RT
Radiography (AAS) - RADR.AAS
Radio-TV (Broadcast Sales and Marketing) (AAS) - RTVB.AAS.BSM
Radio-TV (Broadcast Sales and Marketing) Basic Cert. - RTVB.CERT.BASIC
Radio-TV (Mass Communication) (AS) - COMM.AS.MCOMM
Radio-TV (Broadcast Production) (AAS) - RTVB.AAS.BP
Radio-TV Cert. - RTVB.CERT
Real Estate (AAS) - RELE.AAS
Real Estate Cert. - RELE.CERT
Real Estate Salesperson Cert. - RELE.CERT.SAL
Religion (AA) - RELG.AA
Respiratory Care (AAS) - RSPT.AAS
Robotics Technician Certificate (Instrument and Control Technology) CERT - CETT.CERT.RBTC
Safety and Environmental Technology (AAS) - EPCT.AAS
Safety and Environmental Technology Cert. - EPCT.CERT
Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology (Electronics Engineering Technology) (AAS) - EECT.AAS.EETSM
Small Business Management Certificate (Management - Business Management) - BMGT.CERT.SBM
Social Science (AS) - SOCS.AS
Social Work (AS) - SOCW.AS
Software Systems and Networking (Computer Information Systems) (AAS) - COSC.AAS.NTWRK
Speech Communication (AS and AA) - SPCH.AS and SPCH.AA
Substance Abuse Counseling (AAS) - DAAC.AAS
Substance Abuse Counseling Cert. - DAAC.CERT
Surface Testing Technician (Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation) CERT - NDTE.CERT.ST
Surgical Technology (AAS) - SRGT.AAS
Surgical Technology Cert. - SRGT.CERT
Telecommunication Specialist (Instrument and Control Technology) Cert. - CETT.CERT.TEL
Theater (AS) - THEA.AS
Travel and Tourism (AAS) - TRVM.AAS
Travel and Tourism Cert. - TRVM.CERT
Volumetric Testing Technician (Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation) CERT - NDTE.CERT.VT
Welding Technology Basic Cert. - WELD.CERT.BAS
Welding Technology Advanced Cert. - WELD.CERT.ADV
World Wide Web Software Development (Computer Information Systems) (AAS) - COSC.AAS.WWW