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2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Mortuary Science Certificate

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Program Advisor: Contact Brant Davis, 354-6035 (bedavis@actx.edu) or Javier Herrera, 354-6007 (jfherrera@actx.edu) or Sandra De La Rosa, 371-5456 (s0053236@actx.edu)

Contact the Testing Center or the Program Advisor for testing requirements. Testing requirements are based on the unique needs of the certificate program.

Certificate of Completion
Major Code - MRTS.CERT

The Certificate of Completion for funeral directing is offered to meet specific state or professional needs. The program is directed at the student desiring licensure as a funeral director only in the State of Texas. (It does not include instruction in embalming, restorative art, microbiology, pathology, chemistry or anatomy; therefore it is not accredited by the American Board of Funeral Service Education.) Students completing this program are eligible to sit for the Texas State Board Examination only. Students graduating from this program are not eligible to take the National Board Examination or any state board examination for which graduation from an
ABFSE accredited program is required. Prior conviction of a felony or a misdemeanor involving funeral directing and/or embalming renders the student ineligible to practice in the State of Texas.

A student seeking entry into the Mortuary Science program must file a specific program application form and complete additional admission procedures as required. Information is available on the Mortuary Science website.

To continue in the program, a student may repeat a MRTS course only one time and may repeat no more than two MRTS courses while enrolled in the program. The term “repeat” shall be interpreted to mean re-enrollment following withdrawal, drop or unsatisfactory grade. A grade of C or higher is required for satisfactory completion of all major course requirements and PSYT 1325. Students who receive an F in two or more major course requirements or PSYT 1325 will be removed from the program. A student will have 36 months to complete all major requirements.

Program Requirements

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